Cover art by Jaime Jones. Amethyst cover and logo by Nick Greenwood

We here at DEM have decided to allow customers the opportunity to stroll down memory lane
with this piece of novel nostalgia. 
Honourable Mention for BEST SETTING, 2008 ENNIE AWARDS

A true-to-book fantasy world has overrun our real world, breaking down our technology and throwing nations and religions into disarray.  What would you choose:   Refrigerators, computers, and central heating, or elves, dragons, magic, and monsters?  It’s a crusade of consequences.  Decide the future of the planet.  

This is not some stylized view of Earth like Harry Potter, or a fictionalized world like Middle Earth. This is our real world (with you, your family, Tolkein, and D&D) with all the problems both social and political intact.  How would religions like Christianity and Islam respond given such massive doubts to their dogma? Would we welcome the world of fantasy or would we fear their very presence? Now, on top of this dilemma, what if their magic disrupted our world of technology. Their very presence and the spells they flaunt shorts out our cars and computers. Would you embrace a world of wizardry and wonders in exchange for air conditioning, Internet, and cable TV? Would you fear or hate those that could harness such power? Would you hide in cities of pipe and steel, lights and heat, or venture in a landscape of goblins, dragons, swords, and sorcery?

Amethyst is a new D20 based setting with a deep story element, new rules and classes, and artwork by Nick Greenwood, Jaime Jones, and Katherine Dinger. Players can create characters on the side of technology or on the side of fantasy. How the story evolves depends on their choices and their motivations. Will they fight for the dominance of technology, or will they crusade for the reign of fantasy? What would you do?

NOTE: This version of Amethyst is no longer canon, and is also not the Pathfinder version.


  • RPGNow: "Overall, the game designers have created a game that is not only backed by a beautifully rich world, but also one that encourages more challenging, more engaging roleplaying--something that I've been looking for more of."
  • RPGNow: "If you love magic vs technology in an interesting and a refreshing setting then Amethyst is definitely the book for you!"
  • RPGNow: "Altogether, Amethyst is an extremely vibrant new setting, presenting a campaign world that feels holistic in scope, even as the possibilities presented in this book barely seem to scratch the surface."
  • RPGNow: "Rpgs are like movies, video games and music. We get a load of trash every year and about one or two really great products will surprise us. This is one of them. The great art will lure you in. The well constructed rules will make you stay and the FANTASTIC setting will make you come back for more again and again.."


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