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     Dias Ex Machina was formed during sushi in May of 2007 with the soul intent of being the vehicle for an Amethyst role playing game (based on a long running campaign). In July of 2008, the company’s founder and its co-writer made the decision to abandon the previous D20 Amethyst in favor of adopting the GSL and converting Amethyst to 4 th Edition Dungeons and Dragons. Soon after, the company formed an alliance with Goodman Games for print distribution. 
     Amethyst Foundations was released in 2010 is extremely favorable reviews. Along with Amethyst, DEM also produces the upcoming NeuroSpasta role playing game—promising a universal Modern/Science-Fiction adaptation of 4 th Edition D&D rules. 
     DEM considers itself the source for alternative games utilizing both Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition architecture and Pathfinder architecture.


     Chris Tavares Dias is the literary equivalent of that crusty burnt cheese at the bottom of the fondue pot. He was probably born between 1970 and 1994. After years editing public forums and local publications, he pursued writing. In a decade of screenwriting, all he had to show for it was a half dozen unregistered spec scripts and an unaired British TV pilot he was never paid for. 
     In the vast expanse of role playing, Chris was lucky enough to be signed onto two game companies, promising to publish work under his name, only months before the companies folded. In all that time, he maintained his website of and continued to produce free work, netting a monstrous $175 in donations since 1996. Several of these games garnered temporary and fleeting recognition in select circles across the globe. Amethyst is his first official publication.
     Chris Dias thinks he is Asian but is actually Portuguese-Canadian. In his spare time, he types phony biographies about himself and dreams of a time he could “dance and play the violin.” Despite accusations and assumptions given his marital state, he is admittedly not gay. Some people claim he looks like Mathew Perry. He would like that to be true. It's not.
    In July, 2008, Chris was last seen staring at a dead raven that had fallen beside his car. Two months later, his watch and notepad were found in the stomach of a basking shark that washed ashore off the coast of Florida.


     Conan D. Veitch was wrought from the furthest reaching bowels of the earth; forged of primordial goo in the year of our lord Azathoth nineteen hundred and eighty two. He spent much of his youth exploring the Occult mysteries of Tibet and the Congo, but has recently relocated back to Prince George, British Columbia in order to pursue a lucrative career in counter terrorism.
     Introduced to fantasy literature at a young age, Conan found himself immersed in worlds of adventure and excitement. After early attempts at emulation involving cardboard tubes, tinfoil and a police record, he discovered the high art of role playing, and has been lost to it ever since. These defining moments in Conan’s life have driven his passion for writing, though ultimate success remains, as always, elusive. He was introduced to Chris Dias via mutual friends, and remained with the hairy monster ever since.
     Conan often refers to himself as the demiurge of funk. He is the only one that does. We wish he would stop bringing it up. He lives in a cozy one bedroom apartment with his beautiful, supportive wife Cecilia (who no one has ever seen), and his hateful, eye-ticking cat, Kale.


Nick Greenwood has worked in the publishing/marketing/advertising for over 20 years as a freelance and full-time illustrator and designer. He has worked in many genres including, but not limited to sci fi/fantasy, children, and religious. Nick has hundreds of book covers to his credit and is the sole artist for all Dias Ex Machina’s creations.



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