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Cover artwork and logo by Nick Greenwood

January 11th 2017
New year, and another new and very late update. Apex has been released for 5E, with NeuroSpasta 5E expected in only a few weeks.

August 21, 2016
Somewhat late (was on vacation), but Ultramodern5 has been released, and to already massive success!

March 25th, 2016
Amethyst Quintessence has been released!

FANTASY & TECHNOLOGY 5th EDITION! The award-winning setting. Now in full color. New modern/science-fiction rules. Vehicles. Power Armor. Firearms. New monsters. An incredible 400+ page rulebook with art from Hugo-nominated artist Nick Greenwood.

December 13, 2015
Got the website back from a long delay. Store front has been updated to include new products.

Amethyst Accelerated is our double-shot adventure compatible with Fate.

Amethyst Untamed is our adaptation for Savage Worlds--available as two books, the Player's Guide and the World Guide.

Amethyst Apotheosis is the 13th Age compatible adaptation. We also have the Hearts of Chaos module for it.

August 16th
Today marks the release of Amethyst Destiny, DEM's Fate Core edition of Amethyst, and it already has its first positive review:
"Beautifully written, a rich backdrop cunningly crafted and visually spectacular as well, if you are already a fan of the Amethyst concept you'll want to add it, if you want to see just what can be done with Fate Core given a strong idea this is of interest... and if you are in search of a unique and different game, you may well find it here."

May 20th
Finally a break in the release schedule to make some long overdue updates to the website. Both Amethyst Renaissance 2.0 (Pathfinder) and Amethyst Compendium (4E) have been released with Fate and Savage Worlds editions to follow. With the release date announcement of the new edition of D&D, the 5E version of Amethyst probably won't be released until at least Christmas. The color update of Hearts of Chaos should be expected before the end of the month.

October 29th
With just over two days left, it's looking good for the Amethyst Kickstarter. We passed our goal (WOOT!!) with significant wiggle room. I've already been in contact with Nick Greenwood on our battle plan moving forward. It's a very exciting time and hope more people will be able to get in on the rewards until they no longer become available. Be sure to share it amongst those you know, starting at the $40 level, there are numerous rewards to be had including over 15 PDFs. There are also gigabytes of high resolution artwork available at the $70 reward level. My thanks again to everyone who contributed. Remember, there is now a PayPal option for those unable to use Amazon (though check your currency conversion before you pledge). We are actually only a few hundred dollars away from reaching that soundtrack.

October 24th
The Amethyst Kickstarter has only one week left and we are at 80%. We need support now more than ever.

Check out our revised list of rewards!

October 1st
Dias Ex Machina's Amethyst Kickstarter has begun. I am calling on everyone to show their support!

August 19th
NeuroSpasta's first DLC has been released, GENERAL ASSEMBLY. Now available for only $1.99

The full DEM Q&A Podcast previously seen on our Youtube Channel can now be downloaded in full.

July 30th
APEX has been released, our new supplement for Ultramodern4!
Superheroes have arrived for 4th Edition D&D

June 2nd
is now available in a Pathfinder edition, PDF AND POD.

If Dias Ex Machina’s Facebook page reaches 210 likes, the upcoming setting-only DLC for NeuroSpasta, “General Assembly” will be free to anyone who purchased either the 4th Edition or Pathfinder versions.
Our last pledge drive, Apex, was a huge success (even though that title has yet to be released), so we’re trying it again. Since General Assembly is a much smaller product than Apex, we’re keeping the goal lower. General Assembly is a setting expansion only, listing the various nations and organizations of the world and whether or not they survived into the future.  
Expect General Assembly sometime this summer.

April 14th, 2013

February 13th, 2013
Dias Ex Machina has released a video showcasing the artwork for their upcoming cyberpunk RPG, NeuroSpasta.

Artwork by...
Nick Greenwood ( )
M. Wayne Miller (
Music by Bilian, adapted from the Webshadow, "In The Company Of Mirrors"

October 31, 2012
DiasExMachina has a Twitter account now.

September 28th, 2012
Yet another great review for Amethyst Renaissance.
"Suffice it to say this book is a gorgeously illustrated, beautifully laid out book. The writing is top notch." 

Ultramodern4 is presented as an OGL to both support 4th Edition gaming and to reach a larger fan base. The decision was a difficult one, brought on from conversations with fans regarding the insecurity of the economy. Simply put, some people didn't want to spend money on something they might hate. Ultramodern4 is the result of three years of writing, rewriting, and playtesting. We're proud of the system and believe that so passionately, we're willing to let the product speak for itself. Even though the OGL does reference maps, these maps are only available in the full edition (as they cost money to make). We are hoping that this OGL will reach a larger audience which may result in more sales. If you like what you read, please purchase the PDF or POD, or barring that, send a donation via PAYPAL to ENJOY. 

Great Game Quotes

Grayson: "I use the civilian as cover and order him to get to safety."
GM: "That sounds somewhat insincere."
Conan: "So what, you gonna hold up two babies in front of you as you walk through the hail of bullets, screaming "save the children!"

Conan (referring to Grayson): “You'll have to excuse him, he doesn't speak any language.”
Grayson: “I speak yes, we are!”
GM: “Ehhwhat?”

Mike: “Well, what's the last thing you remember?”
Conan: “Well…this! Having this stupid conversation and standing here talking in circles with idiots like you!”

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